Change on any scale is difficult and adapting a new lifestyle can be overwhelming. You are probably asking all sorts of questions like “What can I eat?” “What can’t I eat?” “Where do I start?” etc. I think the first thing to really note about eating clean is that this is a lifestyle change and NOT, (I REPEAT) NOT a quick dieting fad  to loose those extra 15lbs before summer.  Now with that being said will eating clean and a consistent workout regimen allow you to shed unwanted pounds and build lean muscle mass?  YES, YES, YES! and if you choose to adapt this approach as your new normal you will not need anymore quick fixes, you can live a healthy balanced life and have the body you’ve always dreamed of, permanently!

So here it is the basics of clean eating with a twist:

Eat Whole Foods: These are foods that have not been processed or  altered in any way.  These foods are fruits, vegetables, grains, grass-fed and free-range meats, nuts and seeds.

Avoid Processed Foods: This category is very easy for me I have one rule that I follow, if it has a label and the label has an ingredient on it that’s difficult for me to pronounce, it is not coming home with me or going in my body!

Remove Refined Sugar: Refined sugars are added unnecessary calories in your diet that spike blood sugar levels and help the body store more fat.  I recommend Stevia as the sugar substitute and raw honey (to be used sparingly).

Eat Small Meals and Eat Frequently:  This is always the part that I had the most most trouble grasping because I used to automatically attribute MORE FOOD with GAINING WEIGHT, which can be true based on what and how much you are consuming.  If your eating  small portions of unprocessed foods like lean meat, vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains frequently throughout the day you are actually fueling your body with the energy sources it needs and it will thank you by torching up your metabolism and keeping your waist line nice and tiny.

Cook your Own Meals:  I hate hearing that people don’t have time to cook.  I get it we all live crazy lives and have incredible responsibilities, I myself work a full time job, studying for another certification, training for a fitness competition, and have a husband, home and little fur baby to take care of.  I am not superwoman and no matter how detailed my to-do list, sometimes my day does not go as I planned.  Knowing how crazy and unpredictable life can be I have learned to be prepare for the unexpected,  I take 2 hours on a Sunday to prep cook, pack and portion out 80% of my meals for my husband and I for the week.  You will stay on track, save money and eliminate any unwanted added fat, sodium or calories.

For more information on Eating Clean I recommend any of Tosca Reno’s books or her website


Next week: I will be doing a Video Blog Grocery List at Whole Foods, showing you how to shop clean, healthy and stay on budget :)


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