Bulgarian Split Squats-20 Reps
Pull-ups- 20 Reps
Flat dumbbell press-20 Reps
Walking Lunges-12 each leg
Inclined bench press-20 Reps
Pull-ups -20 Reps
(Repeat Circuit 3x)

Hanging Oblique Raises- 20 Reps
Strait Leg Raises-20 Reps
Bent leg tucks-20 Reps

(Repeat Circuit 3x)

and Finally…
Sprint Shuttles (10 Shuttles)
Burpees -20
Jump Squats-20
Alternating Press Ups-20
Spider man Press ups -20

(Repeat Circuit 3x)

If there is anything listed here that you are unsure of how to do bodybuilding.com is amazing resource and will be able to show you how to do any of these exercises.

Also, if your struggling to complete the workout just lower your reps but don’t give up :)

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