Almost the second after I found out I was pregnant I started researching tons of pregnancy blogs and customer reviews for the most highly rated facial cleansers, tummy butters, exfoliants, moisturizers, etc. I wanted to make sure I was not only using products that were pregnancy safe but I wanted to start right away on stretch mark prevention.  I’m slightly embarrassed to admit how many different products I have purchased over the last 8 weeks but am finally confident in my daily line up and wanted to share some of my favorites with all of you.

Facial Cleansers

  • Belli Anti- Blemish Facial Wash - $22 I suffered from really bad acne back in college due to hormonal imbalance related to my adrenal fatigue, knowing pregnancy would be one big hormonal change I wanted to be sure I had a good anti-blemish product that would be safe.  This product is made specifically for pregnant or nursing woman which I love, its main ingredient is lactic acid in place of something like a salicylic acid.  It’s incredibly effective and will not dry out your skin, it also smells like gummy bears and at a time in a woman’s life where your sense of smell is incredibly heightened I would say that this is a HUGE perk :)  

  • Burt’s Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser with Royal Jelly - $9 This product is for normal skin, it is slightly less expensive then Belli products and can be found at any drugstore or target. What I love about this product is its ability to take off every ounce of makeup on my face while leaving my skin feeling super soft and hydrated, this cleanser is really amazing and better than a lot of the higher end cleansers I have purchased in the past.


Moisturizers/Anti-Blemish Serums

  • Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator - $32 This product is a really great hydrating serum, as stated above Belli is a line specifically formulated for pregnant or nursing woman.  This particular product is really nice because it provides just a perfect amount of moisture to your skin without making your skin feel like you have 7 layers of product on its perfect for use in the AM/PM and it also smells like citrus which isn’t making me nauseous at the moment so it’s a win win for me.

  • Rehab Say Goodbye to Blemishes – The Spoiled Mama - $53 The Spoiled Mama is also a line specifically formulated for pregnant or nursing woman which just takes out all the guess work :). I haven’t had any breakouts on my face however, I began to notice blemishes all around my chest area (NOT CUTE!) I used this product only 4 times before I noticed all of my blemishes disappear almost instantly, I was shocked with how quickly this worked and now swear by this.  If your having issues with breakouts during your pregnancy this is totally worth the investment, I promise you won’t be disappointed.



Exfoliants, Tummy Butters, Stretch Mark Oils

  • Basq Citrus Sugar Body Polish – $26 I tried two other sugar scrubs from other pregnancy skin care lines, both of which I really disliked they left my skin super oily and I’m convinced that is what caused the breakouts on my chest so I needed to find something else immediately and that is when I found Basq Products (yay!) this sugar polish not only leaves your skin feeling super clean and soft it also smells AMAZING, I did not leave the shower feeling like I took a dip in a bottle of oil.  Exfoliating is incredibly important in stretch mark prevention as it prepares the skin for product and kickstarts your skins natural repair process.  Make sure you incorporate some form of exfoliation during your pregnancy, I exfoliate once a day with product focusing on my tummy, hips and breasts.

  • Bump Gloss Stretch Mark Oil – The Spoiled Mama - $21 This product is extremely hydrating and has collagen building components which works in collaboration with your exfoliant to repair that stretching skin. I apply this twice a day, right after I exfoliate in the shower and again before I go to bed focusing on my tummy, hips and breasts.

  • Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter – $34 for the 4oz or $72 for the 16oz size. It is unclear if stretch marks can be entirely prevented as there are many factors at play (i.e. genetics, size, etc) however, I believe the impact can be significantly reduced by being stringent with your skin care.  This tummy butter is the 3rd that I have tried and so far it is my absolute favorite, it is very highly rated and used by plenty of celebrities during their pregnancies (not that it matters all that much). The reason why I love this product is because it is so rich but so light on my skin it also smells amazing. A lot of the other tummy butters I have used were so thick it was hard to spread on my skin and made me feel like I had a layer of wax on my body (as you can see I do not like that feeling) I use this product twice a day, I apply it after I shower and exfoliate and again right before bed focusing on my tummy, hips and breasts


I hope you guys find this information useful, feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions or comments :)



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