I do not know one person in the world exempt from cravings, I mean I wish was but  no matter how hard I pray, I still will crave.  The problem is that I have insatiable sweet tooth, I adore  chocolate, wine, froyo and rainbow sprinkles [do NOT forget the rainbow sprinkles] In my ideal world each of these items would be staples in meal plan.


Unfortunately to my dismay these are absolutely NOT staples in my regular diet.  With that being said I do want to make an important point, I believe that life is too short, too beautiful and too precious to live restricted it is to be enjoyed with the people you love and the experiences you make.  Often times [we] as woman [or men] look in the mirror, beat ourselves up, compare ourselves to others, become so obsessed with our waistline and being so “fit” that we forget how to be happy, healthy and balanced.

So  do I always eat clean? absolutely NOT, on occasion I eat that NOT so small “bite” of chocolate or drink a 9-10oz “glass” of wine with my husband or I may even order a bowl of Froyo so large it could feed a family of four. I am human, I am not perfect and sometimes I give in and that is OK.  My diet is clean 88% of the time so that 12% that I’m not so clean really doesn’t make  significant impact on my body because of the effort I put into my diet and workouts the majority of the time.

anyways I digress….

All that to FINALLY get to the story behind this recipe :). About 2 months ago I woke up at 3:45 am as I usually do [absurd, I know]  with an intense craving for peppermint paddy’s [gross],  the thought of my scheduled egg whites and mushy oats for breakfast didn’t quite diminish my craving but I kept it moving and ate it anyways to fuel up for my two hour workout session.   While on the stair master that morning I had a skinny peppermint paddy epiphany for my fat kid cravings :) – thankfully it hit the spot and didn’t ruin the two hours I spent working out that morning sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too :)….Recipe below I hope you ENJOY!

1 scoop of BSN Chocolate Milkshake protein powder

1 little cap of peppermint extract

2 oz of egg whites

A splash of unsweetened vanilla coconut almond milk

1/2 cup of water

Ice and Blend




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